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Experience the New G-scan 3

Built around an Android OS with an Octa-core 2.1 GHZ CPU, integrated with advanced diagnostic features and unparalleled functions, the G-scan3 Compact Kit will provide you with the ultimate user experience.

G-scan 3 Compact Kit

G-scan 3 Compact Kit 1

G-scan 3 Box

G-scan 3 Compact Kit 2

G3 Main Unit


Self Test Cable


Main DLC Cable

G-scan 3 Compact Kit 1
G-scan 3 Compact Kit 2

G-scan 3 Box

G3 Main Unit

Self Test Cable

Main DLC Cable

G-scan 3 Features

G-scan 3 Compact Kit 5

Higher Performance CPU

Equipped with a powerful Samsung’s Exynos 7420 Octa-core processor for an ideal management of workshop operations.

G-scan 3 Compact Kit 6

Smarter and Faster Operating System

Android 6.0 system provides improved user interface and experience for fast boot-up, multi-tasking, better networking and enhanced system security.

G-scan 3 Compact Kit 7

Capacitive Touch Screen on 10.1” LCD

User Interface through a capacitive touch screen technology provides the easiest and the most intuitive use of the diagnostic scan tools.

G-scan 3 Compact Kit 8

Extensive Storage Capability

Internal flash of 64GB accommodates applications and data for all brands with room to spare and the external memory up to 128GB extensive storage.

G-scan 3 Compact Kit 9

Powerful Oscilloscope

Measures the voltage or amperage signals of the vehicle’s sensors and actuator circuits to display these signals on the high resolution 4 trace scope

G-scan 3 Compact Kit 10

Pre & Post Diagnostic Report

Easily create a diagnostic report. Pre-scan report will highlight issues that vehicles have, the post-scan report will confirm that they have been resolved.

G-scan 3 Compact Kit 11

24V Commercial Vehicles

Designed to support the 24V commercial vehicles systems, make direct connection to the buses and trucks. (Not available for US and Canada).

G-scan 3 Compact Kit 12

Wireless Connectivity

Wi-Fi connection to the Internet allows for smart updates, quick feedback, TeamViewer support, wireless printing option, browsing and many more.

G-scan 3 Compact Kit 13

J2534 Pass-thru

Serves as a “Pass-thru” device for programming the ECUs on both Hyundai and Kia vehicles ( No domestic Korean vehicles, Only for U.S and Europe )

G-scan 3 Compact Kit 14

Rechargeable Battery

Equipped with a rechargeable 6300 Ah battery. Besides the possibility to use the G-scan without an external power supply for hours.

A Truly Accurate and Reliable Scan Tool You Can Trust

Slimmer, Faster, Smarter

Price: AED 6,200

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