10-L Pneumatic ATF & Liquid Dispense JTC-4252


10-L Pneumatic ATF & Liquid Dispense

  • Used for quick, safe removal, movement and injection of liquids, prevents contamination of the workplace.
  • Does not create a spark, one person in same step operate.
  • 10-L capacity reservoir with volume guide.
  • Special valve allows you to switch between operating modes.
  • Copper material one touch couplet design for easy operation.
  • Air inlet : 1/4″
  • Avg. Air Cons : 2 CFM
  • Temperature range: -20°C – 60°C
  • Provide with the safety valve, pre-setting 43 psi (3 Bar), the exceed pressure will be relief automatically.
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Additional Information

Weight 10.69 lbs


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