AC Service Station CQ-110HF0


W/ Built-in Nitrogen Tester

Maximum Profitability

Complete service is being perfromed fully autonmously. There is no need to supervise the unit during the process.

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  • Complete service is being  performed fully autonomously. There is no need to supervise the unit during the process.
  • Pulse free, Premiere Meters(WIKA, GERMANY)
  • Mushroom Emergency Switch for Emergency
  • Premiere Quality Quick Couplers for  r-1234yf new gas (Parker, Italy)
  • Large Display and Keypad
  • Optional Thermal Printer


  • Refrigerant: R-1234yf
  • Nitrogen Test Device: Built-in
  • Display: 4×20 Crt
  • Internal Tank Capacity: 11 kg
  • Max Pressure (PS): 18 bar
  • Vacuum Pump Capacity: 100L/min
  • Final Pressure (Mcleodabs): 0.08 mb
  • Compressor: 1/3hp, 12cm
  • Ventilation Security System: 172mm
  • Recovery High Speed Fan: 172mm
  • Recover Rate (Liquid): 320g /min
  • Drier Capacity: 150kg
  • Weight Scale: 60kg, accuracy 2g
  • Service Hose: 2.5m
  • Electornic Vacuum Letter: Yes
  • Non-Condensable Gas Discharge: Automatic
  • Oil Charge: Automatic
  • UV Tracer Charge: Automatic
  • Refrigerant Charge: Automatic
  • Service Hse Compensation: Automatic
  • Operating Temperature: 10/49 C
  • Printer: On-Demand
  • Weight: 85 kg


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