BENZ Alignment Tool Set (M271) JTC-1555B


BENZ Alignment Tool Set (M271)

  • This retaining device makes it possible to position the camshafts in the installed position.
  • Retainer to draw in the timing chain. To retain timing chain with camshaft sprockets in mesh.
  • Part #2 is used for alignment, not for fixing the camshaft. After alignment, please use a 32 mm wrench to fix the camshaft.
  • Applicable: BENZ  M271.
  • MM number:
    • 271589014000, #1
    • 271589006100, #2
    • 271589001500, #3
    • 271589003100, #4
    • 271589001600, #5
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Additional Information

Weight 6.75 lbs


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