Heshbon HA-710 – Wheel Alignment


Wheel Alignment

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  • Computerized wheel aligner with 8-CCD Image Sensor System
  • Autodata dataset integrated
  • Integrate spoiler function
  • Wireless(Bluetooth) / Wire type sensor head
  • Electric leveling sensor gauge
  • Compact and light weight head sensor provides fast and convenience operation
  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • Detachable battery pack and external battery charger
  • Integrate new DSP (Digital Signal Processor) technology for fast measurement operation
  • 9-21″ 4 Points quick wheel clamps


  • Monitor: 17″ Color LCD
  • Sensors: Wireless type (bluetooth)
  • Sensor Type: CCD
  • Clamp: 9″-21″
  • Spoiler: O
  • Printer: O
  • Cabinet: Basic
  • Resolution:TOE, CAMBER, SETBACK, CASTER(±0.01°)
  • Measurement Range: TOE (±22°), CAMBER(±22°), SETBACK(±22°), CASTER(±18°)


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