AMT 300 HVLP Plus

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AMT 300 HVLP+ Spray Gun: Achieve Fine Finishes and Maximum Control – Professional-Grade Precision with HVLP+ and LVMP Technology

  • Precision HVLP+ Technology: Ensures an even and fine spray for various coating projects.
  • Engineered Excellence (ANT-3CO Model): Precision and durability for top-tier performance.
  • Versatile Nozzle (1.0mm to 25mm): Adaptable for fine details or larger surfaces.
  • Wide Pattern Width (11.8-30in): Tailor your coating for precise coverage.
  • Optimal Air Pressure (29psi): Efficient and consistent results.
  • Low Air Consumption (140cfm): Cost-effective and eco-friendly.
  • Convenient 600ml Plastic Cup: Reduces refills for extended spraying sessions.
  • Lightweight Design (450g): Comfortable for professionals and DIY enthusiasts.
  • LVMP Technology: Minimizes overspray for fine finishes.
  • Versatile Pressure Range (310-350mm/12-14in): Provides precise control.
  • Optional 600ml Aluminum Cup: Customizable setup for different projects.
  • Air Inlet Compatibility (G/NPT): Seamlessly integrates with various air systems.
  • Material Excellence: High-grade brass and stainless steel for longevity and consistent performance.
  • Upgrade Your Coating Arsenal: AMT 300 HVLP+ offers precision, efficiency, and durability for professionals and DIY enthusiasts.
Feature Specification
Technology HVLP+
Model ANT-3CO
Nozzle Range 1.0mm to 25mm
Pattern Width 11.8-30in
Air Inlet Pressure 29psi
Air Consumption 140cfm
Cup Capacity 600ml (Plastic, Optional 600ml Aluminum)
Weight 450g
Pressure Range 310-350mm (12-14in)
LVMP Technology Yes
Material Brass (Air Cap), Stainless Steel (Nozzle/Needle)
Air Inlet Compatibility G/NPT

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AMT 300 HVLP+ Spray Gun: Precision Redefined with HVLP+ Technology

Elevate your coating experience with the AMT 300 HVLP+ Spray Gun, equipped with state-of-the-art HVLP+ technology for unparalleled precision. This comprehensive description delves into the features and specifications that make this spray gun a standout choice for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike.

HVLP+ Technology: Precision Unleashed

The AMT 300 HVLP+ Spray Gun integrates cutting-edge HVLP+ technology, setting it apart in the world of coating applications. Experience precision like never before, as this advanced technology ensures an even and fine spray, catering to a variety of projects with ease.

Model ANT-3CO: Engineered Excellence

The ANT-3CO model of the AMT 300 HVLP+ is a testament to engineering excellence. Crafted with precision and durability in mind, this spray gun is designed to meet the demands of professionals seeking top-tier performance.

Versatile Range for Varied Applications

With a nozzle range spanning from 1.0mm to 25mm, the AMT 300 HVLP+ ensures versatility in coating applications. Whether you’re working on fine details or larger surfaces, this spray gun provides the flexibility needed for diverse projects.

11.8-30in Pattern Width: Tailor Your Coating

Tailor your coating application with the 11.8-30in pattern width of the AMT 300 HVLP+. This wide range allows for precise coverage, ensuring your projects receive the attention to detail they deserve.

Optimal Air Inlet Pressure for Efficiency

Set at an optimal air inlet pressure of 29psi, the AMT 300 HVLP+ guarantees efficient and effective operation. This carefully calibrated pressure ensures that the spray gun performs at its peak, delivering consistent and reliable results.

Low Air Consumption for Eco-Friendly Operation

Designed with efficiency in mind, the AMT 300 HVLP+ boasts low air consumption at 140cfm. This not only contributes to cost savings but also aligns with eco-friendly practices, making it a responsible choice for environmentally conscious users.

600ml Plastic Cup: Convenience in Every Spray

Equipped with a 600ml plastic cup, the AMT 300 HVLP+ ensures convenience during extended spraying sessions. The ample capacity reduces the need for frequent refills, allowing you to focus on your craft without interruptions.

Lightweight Design for Comfortable Handling

Weighing in at a mere 450g, the AMT 300 HVLP+ features a lightweight design that prioritizes user comfort. Whether you’re a professional tackling extensive projects or a DIY enthusiast working on home improvements, this ergonomic design ensures a comfortable grip and extended usage without fatigue.

LVMP Technology: Fine Finishes Every Time

The AMT 300 HVLP+ leverages Low Volume Low Pressure (LVMP) technology to achieve fine finishes with every spray. This technology minimizes overspray, maximizes transfer efficiency, and ensures a professional-grade finish, making it an ideal choice for users with discerning standards.

Versatile Pressure Range for Precise Control

With a pressure range of 310-350mm (12-14in), the AMT 300 HVLP+ provides precise control over your coating applications. Whether you need a delicate touch for intricate details or a broader stroke for larger surfaces, this spray gun adapts to your needs effortlessly.

Optional 600ml Aluminum Cup: Tailor Your Setup

For users looking for additional customization, the AMT 300 HVLP+ offers the option of a 600ml aluminum cup. Tailor your setup to suit your preferences, ensuring flexibility in adapting to different project requirements.

Air Inlet Compatibility: G/NPT for Versatility

The AMT 300 HVLP+ is equipped with a G/NPT air inlet, ensuring compatibility with various air systems. This versatility allows users to seamlessly integrate the spray gun into their existing setups, offering convenience and flexibility.

Weight (Gun Only): 450g – A Feather-Light Companion

Crafted with a top-grade forged body featuring a high-glossy anodized finish, the AMT 300 HVLP+ combines durability with aesthetic appeal. The various nozzle options provide flexibility, ensuring that this spray gun is a versatile tool for various hours of coating applications.

Material Excellence: Special Selected Brass and High-Grade Stainless Steel

The construction of the AMT 300 HVLP+ is a testament to material excellence. The body is forged with top-grade materials, featuring a special selected brass air cap, high-grade stainless steel nozzle/fluid tip, and a needle crafted from high-grade stainless steel. These materials not only contribute to the longevity of the spray gun but also ensure consistent and reliable performance.

Upgrade Your Coating Arsenal with AMT 300 HVLP+ Spray Gun

In conclusion, the AMT 300 HVLP+ Spray Gun stands as a beacon of precision, efficiency, and durability in the world of coating applications. With its HVLP+ technology, versatile range, and material excellence, this spray gun is an ideal companion for professionals and DIY enthusiasts looking to elevate their projects. Upgrade your coating arsenal and experience a new level of precision with the AMT 300 HVLP+ Spray Gun.

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