Box Clamp 2-Way JTC-C102NN


The Box Clamp capture is two-functional.
Designed for fixing during repair and bodywork.
The design of captures allows to work in the conditions of limited space.

  • Capacity:3 ton (Straight way) / 2 ton (Cross way)
  • Two-way pull operation.
  • Both sides of jaws are different in order to fit the confined room.
  • Bolt size: 14 mm φ x 110 mm
  • 12 pcs / 27 / 28 /1′
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  • Overall dimensions: 245/150/55 mm. (L / W / H)
  • Steel Grade: SCM440
  • Width, m: 0.15
  • Height, m: 0.055
  • Length, m: 0.245
  • Weight, kg: 2.133


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