Errecom Extreme 2x30ML


Leak Stop for Car Air Conditioning & Refrigeration systems

Errecom Extreme is the ultimate refrigerant gas leak stop that repairs leakages in Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Systems. The pack includes all adapters necessary for any kind of air conditioning and refrigeration system, vehicles included. Extreme has to be injected into the Air Conditioning or Refrigeration System through the low-pressure charging port. Once injected, it will begin to circulate inside the system together with the refrigerant gas and compressor oil. Close to the leak area it will begin to settle granting a definitive repair.


AED 165.00

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Product Details

Errecom Extreme 2x30ML 4 Pkg Include 2Pcs of 30ML Errecom Extreme Leak Stop AC

Errecom Extreme 2x30ML 4 The 6 mL cartridge is a universal dose for any vehicle.

Errecom Extreme 2x30ML 4 It repairs microleaks in rubber and metal components of A/C systems.

Errecom Extreme 2x30ML 4 It is non-reactive to oxygen and moisture.

Errecom Extreme 2x30ML 4 It is safe for A/C system components.

Errecom Extreme 2x30ML 4 Ideal for preventative maintenance.


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