AMT KQ 1805 electric pressure washer

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AMT KQ1805 Electric Pressure Washer – 3200 PSI, 4.2 GPM, 5.5KW Motor – Professional Grade, Ideal for Home and Commercial Use

  • Powerful Cleaning: Achieve a maximum pressure of 3200 PSI (220 bar) for effective removal of dirt, grime, and stains.
  • High Flow Rate: The 4.2 GPM (Gallons Per Minute) ensures a swift and efficient cleaning process.
  • Professional Grade: Designed for both home and commercial use, this pressure washer is suitable for a wide range of cleaning tasks.
  • Robust Electric Motor: Equipped with a 5.5KW, 4-pole motor for reliable and consistent performance.
  • Convenient Voltage/Frequency: Operates at 380V with a frequency of 50Hz, ensuring compatibility with standard electrical setups.
  • Model: AMT KQ-1805 – Trust in the quality and performance that comes with the AMT brand.
  • Durable Construction: Built to withstand demanding tasks, providing long-lasting durability.
  • Versatile Applications: Ideal for various cleaning applications, from home exteriors to commercial spaces.
  • Easy to Use: User-friendly design for hassle-free setup and operation.
Feature Specification
Model AMT KQ1805
Max Pressure 3200 PSI / 220 bar
Rated Flow Rate 4.2 GPM / 16 LPM
Electric Motor 5.5KW, 4-pole
Voltage/Frequency 380V / 50Hz
Intended Use Home and Commercial Cleaning
Model Number AMT KQ-1805
Durable Construction Yes
Versatile Applications Yes
User-Friendly Design Yes
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AMT KQ1805 Electric Pressure Washer: Unleash Cleaning Power

Professional Cleaning Performance:

Transform your cleaning routine with the AMT KQ1805 Electric Pressure Washer, designed for maximum efficiency and power. Boasting a formidable 3200 PSI (220 bar) of pressure, this pressure washer effortlessly tackles dirt, grime, and stains for professional-grade cleaning results.

Swift and Efficient Cleaning:

Experience a flow rate of 4.2 GPM (Gallons Per Minute) or 16 LPM, ensuring a swift and efficient cleaning process. Whether you’re cleaning your home exterior, driveway, or commercial spaces, the AMT KQ1805 gets the job done with speed and precision.

Robust 5.5KW Electric Motor:

Powered by a robust 5.5KW, 4-pole electric motor, this pressure washer delivers consistent and reliable performance. It’s equipped to handle demanding cleaning tasks, making it a reliable choice for both residential and commercial use.

Versatile Applications:

Designed for versatility, the AMT KQ1805 is ideal for a wide range of cleaning applications. From home exteriors to commercial spaces, this pressure washer is your all-in-one solution for maintaining cleanliness.

Convenient Voltage/Frequency:

Operate seamlessly with the 380V power supply and 50Hz frequency, ensuring compatibility with standard electrical setups. The AMT KQ1805 is designed for convenience without compromising on performance.

Durable Construction for Longevity:

Built with durability in mind, this pressure washer is constructed to withstand the rigors of frequent use. Invest in a cleaning tool that not only performs exceptionally but also stands the test of time.

User-Friendly Design:

Enjoy a user-friendly design that makes setup and operation hassle-free. Whether you’re a seasoned user or a first-time pressure washer owner, the AMT KQ1805 ensures ease of use without sacrificing power.

Trust in AMT Quality:

Backed by the trusted AMT brand, the KQ1805 Electric Pressure Washer combines quality craftsmanship with powerful performance. Choose a cleaning solution that reflects a commitment to excellence.

Upgrade your cleaning game with the AMT KQ1805 Electric Pressure Washer – where power meets precision for unparalleled cleaning results.

Remote Technical Support

is backed by a reliable and accessible remote technical support system. This feature ensures that a team of dedicated experts is readily available to offer prompt assistance and guidance whenever any issues arise during the diagnostic process, fostering a seamless and hassle-free diagnostic experience.

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